My #trulondon experience

#trulondon? An unconference for some, a normal networking event for others, but an amazing, life changing experience for me.

I remember that moment I walked in the networking event room with my university friend. I am very confident and communicative, but seeing all those people around me so engaged in their conversations made me suddenly feel lost. I stayed in a corner,  luckily Sam (@ChairmanSam) approached us few minutes after and started to explain the ‘meet me’ cards stuff. We engaged in a nice conversation, however I felt that there was far more to do and discover at that event.

Everyone seemed to be deep into their conversations and I kept starring at them and thinking: I cannot approach people just like that, I do not know them, I am too young, they are discussing important topics, what could I talk to them about? I was standing with the impression that they are a group of experienced Recruiters and I could never get in there.

Luckily again, my career advisor from university came and literally dragged me and my friend into the crowd. She started to introduce us to everyone there. How great was it to discover that I was surrounded by Recruiters, HR Specialists and Recruitment Software Developers…I thought Wow! This industry is big!!!

A question kept crossing my mind though – why, as a final year student aiming to get in the working life within a couple months, am I not able to network properly? Because I actually have never done it! LinkedIn? Twitter? At that time my profiles were maximum a week old. I then realised the importance of networking and I decided that I had to do something about it.

The biggest surprise came when my university friend approached me regarding the #trugrad mentoring scheme. A few students from our university were about to be allocated mentors to guide us in our graduate job search while showing us the benefits of social media. Great stuff!

I left #trulondon pleased with the good taste of networking and the curiosity and excitement of finding out who my mentor was…


10 thoughts on “My #trulondon experience

  1. Thanks for the kind mention. Those meet-me cards with the QR Code are fun.
    Can never underestimate the power of networking old style, and now new style via the social networks. The key touch points from your blog for others are: Engage and Just do it!

    • Thanks for giving the first comment to my blog Sam, really appreciate it. I am still at the stage when I discover something new about social media every day, but I guess this is the good part about it – it always surprises you, never allowing you to get bored!

    • Thank you for encouraging me, Lindsay. I was overwhelmed, but excited as well when being surrounded by people who are veterans in Recruitment. That got me even more motivated though, I want to get to know at least as much as them now 🙂

  2. Great blog – networking shouldn’t be scary and it is great to see you have both the confidence and support to throw yourself into it! I wish you the best of luck with it!

    • Thanks for your kind words Gail, very much appreciated. And YES, every little thing I learn about networking improves my confidence, and the support I have received through networking in the past weeks was amazing.

  3. Hi Ricandra
    I love your post, it makes me nostalgic for my own discovery of the recruitment world some 15 years ago! If you are looking for a Trainee role then please send me your details and let me know which locations are of interest to you and I can secure you an initial exploratory chat with Hays. You can find out more about Hays by visiting our website. If I don’t hear from you then Good Luck!!! I’m sure you’ll be a valuable addition to any recruiting firm.

    • Hi Tara, no worries for my name, there are people who don’t even read it properly, so your iPhone is definitely excused! I know enough about Hays to be very interested in the opportunity you have offered me. Shall I send my CV to your work email address? Thanks a lot!

  4. Hi Ruxandra, great to see a new graduate obviously so interested in the world of recruitment! It is indeed a great industry to be in, one that has the potential to change people’s lives via making perfect employer-jobseeker matches. Have you decided which area you would like to aim for yet? HR? In-house recruiting? Recruitment agency? Or even the extended software and services side of things.. there are many avenues to explore in this industry. Hopefully your mentor from the TRUGrad scheme can help a lot in this respect! I wish you the best of luck! – Gareth

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